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Meet the Team


Mike McCarthy 
Executive Director

    Mike McCarthy joined the Conservation District in the summer of 2013 as the District’s MAEAP Technician. Mike served in that role until 2017 and now serves as the Executive Director. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from Lake Superior State University in Conservation Leadership and a master’s degree from Slippery Rock University in Parks and Resource Management. Mike has held previous positions with Michigan State University Extension, Montcalm Conservation District, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Lake Superior State University. In his free time Mike and his wife Karen enjoy traveling, visiting with friends and family, and spending time outdoors (biking, camping, hiking, kayaking, and skiing).

    Phone: 906-635-1278

    Email: mike.mccarthy@macd.org

    Marquita Mullen 
    Special Projects Technician

    Marquita Mullen joined the Conservation District in 2017 as one of our Invasive Species Technicians. In 2018 Marquita joined our team again as our Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Inspector and assists with our Hunting Access Program, Tree Sale, Invasive Species Program, Deer Habitat Improvement Program, and other projects that the District conducts. Marquita is a from Sault Ste Marie and graduated from Northern Michigan University. In her free time Marquita enjoys yoga, spending time with her family and spoiling her daughter Willa and husband Paul.

    Phone: 906-635-1278

    Email: marquita.wilds@macd.org

    David Chickering

    Conservation Engineer

    David Chickering joined the Conservation District in 2019 as the Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative (CTAI)  Engineer. The CTAI program is a partnership between federal, state, and local units of government, working together to assist farmers and rural landowners interested in implementing conservation practices on their land. David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biosystems Engineering with a concentration in Ecosystems Engineering from Michigan State University. David was born and raised in Petoskey and has worked as a diversified vegetable farmer in central and northern lower Michigan for the past 6 years. 

    Phone: 906-632-9611 Ext. 8056

    Email: david.chickering@macd.org

      Dylan Parker 

      Forestry Assistance Program Forester

      Dan Blair

      Watersheds Coordinator


      Michael Hindy

      Invasive Species Program Coordinator 

      Dylan Parker joined the Conservation District as the District Forester for the Forestry Assistance Program in the summer on 2019. Dylan provides education on forestry and land management and provides hands on expertise for landowners interested in promoting their natural resources.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Forestry from Michigan Technological University. He takes all opportunities to be outside enjoying nature. 


      Phone: 906-632-9611 Ext. 8055

      Email: dylan.parker@macd.org

      Dan Blair joined the Conservation District as the Watersheds Coordinator in the summer of 2020. Dan currently works coordinating watershed focused projects in the Munuscong River Watershed but looks to expand work into more watersheds across the EUP. Dan graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management, and a Minor in Aquaculture. Prior to his current position, Dan worked as a technician with the Conservation District and LSSU’s Center for Freshwater Research and Education. To learn more about the watersheds program and opportunities for you, contact Dan at:

      Phone: 906-748-0837

      Email: daniel.blair@macd.org

      Michael joined the Conservation District in August of 2020 as the Invasive Species Program Coordinator and coordinates the activities of the Three Shores CISMA. The Three Shores CISMA is a multi-agency organization dedicated to the management and control of invasive species throughout Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac counties. Michael holds a bachelor's degree from Cornerstone University in Environmental Biology, and upon successful defense of his thesis, a master's degree from Central Michigan University in Conservation Biology. Prior to joining the Conservation District, Michael has held various positions throughout the midwest, including bird research in 4 different states and ecological restoration in metropolitan Minneapolis. To find out more about what the Three Shores CISMA can do for you, give Michael a call!

      Phone: 906-630-7139

      Email: michael.hindy@macd.org


      Melanie Chasseur
      Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Technician 

      Melanie Chasseur is a graduate from The University of Michigan with a degree in Natural Resource Management and Conservation and a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Born and raised in Big Rapids, MI she grew up on a hay farm in the Manistee National Forest, where she developed her love for hiking, gardening, yoga, and sustainable design. Previously, Melanie has worked for The International Forestry Resources and Institutions, The Student Conservation Association, and The National Parks Service. She aims to connect landowners with programs and technical assistance to improve conservation practices in the EUP. If you would like to schedule a field visit or learn more about what the MAEAP program can do for you, reach out to Melanie at:

      Phone: 906-632-9611 Ext. 8053

      Email: melanie.chasseur@macd.org

      USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Staff

      Madeleine Cantu 

      District Conservationist

        Madeleine Cantu is a District Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Along with Pat, she assists landowners with natural resources management planning and land use resource assessment, as well as with contract and application management.

        Madeleine has been in the Sault Sainte Marie field office for over three years, and has worked in several states in the past (ND, OK, MT, and TX). She has two hairy dogs and likes major league soccer (which is like hockey to you northerners). She also likes to knit, crochet, bike, hike, and camp - as long as the black flies and ticks aren't trying to carry her away! You can reach her at madeleine.cantu@usda.gov, or by phone at (906) 632-9611 extension 8054.

        Pat Carr 

        Soil Conservation Technician 

          Pat Carr is a Soil Conservation Technician with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, where he assists landowners with natural resources management planning. Carr assesses natural resource concerns and landowner land use objectives and develops environmentally-protective strategies and funding sources to help landowners realize land use goals. He has provided assistance to diverse landowners including forest landowners, livestock farmers, municipalities, and State Agencies. Carr loves everything outdoors, including hunting and fishing. You can reach him at pat.carr@usda.gov.