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As a local unit of State Government we are a not for profit organization that relies on grant funding from local, State, & Federal sources as well as allocations from our local counties. State Legislature and donations. 

CLMCD uses every dollar we receive towards on the ground conservation and education to help landowners with their goals and objectives and improve our natural resources using conservation best management practices. 

With your donation/gift CLMCD can utilize funds to provide programs, projects, education, and services to a greater number of people and produce tangible and meaningful impacts to natural resources and environment. 

CLMCD can accept donations in cash, land donation, tangible property, or deferred gifts

CLMCD is a tax charitable organization under Internal Revenue Service code 170(c) 1

Every Dollar Matters!


1949 - 2019

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"Your Local source for all your conservation and natural resource needs" 

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