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"Your Local source for all your conservation and natural resource needs" 

Board of Directors 


A Conservation District is a local unit of state government with statutory powers and responsibilities to carry out a program of natural resources conservation and encourage wise land management. As locally elected public officials, District directors are responsible for the operation and management of the Conservation District. District Directors develop policy implemented by employees and resource personnel available to the District.


The CLMCD Board of Directors meets each month at a public location announced publicly.


Changes to the meeting date, time, and/or location will be posted on the main page of the website in the upcoming events calendar. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Term expiration) 

Richard Hanna, Director  - 2024

Orville Kabat, Vice-Chairman  - 2023

Tom Allan, Treasurer  - 2022

Jane Bishop, Chairman  - 2023

Chuck Cullip - 2022

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