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Munuscong River Watershed Project

The current watershed management project the CLMCD is involved in, is the Munuscong River Watershed Conserving Our Waters Partnership 2022-2025. The Munuscong River Watershed (MRW) is crucial to the economy of the Eastern Upper Peninsula because it drains into the St. Mary's River, which connects Canada and the U.S., as well as Lake Superior and Lake Huron. This project focuses on improving MRW management practices and controlling nonpoint source pollution Some of the primary objectives of this project are as follows: 

  • Work with priority, agricultural landowners within the Munuscong River Watershed to improve management practices

  • Replace deteriorated culverts to improve the facilitation of flood events

  • Plant at least 3,200 trees and shrubs to reduce erosion and sediment runoff

The goals of implementing these objectives are to reduce total Escherichia coli (E. coli) abundance, and to reduce at least 550 tons of sediment, 1,200 pounds of nitrogen, and 700 pounds of phosphorus on an annual basis in the MRW. Below are some pictures from the 2023 field season. 

Munuscong logo.jpg

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