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Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)

MAEAP was created to protect Michigan's water resources while also reducing landowner's legal and environmental risks. Each MAEAP system, including Livestock, Farmstead, Cropping, and Forest, Wetlands, Habitat examines a different aspect of land stewardship. Through education, management plan development, and property visits, MAEAP helps producers and landowners develop and implement economically feasible, effective, and environmentally sound pollution prevention practices.

You can earn:
  • Recognition as a top steward in the community

  • Regulatory protections

  • Preferred consideration for technical assistance and cost share

  • An enduring sense of accomplishment and pride

We promise:
  • The program is 100% confidential, guaranteed by state law

  • We will treat you and your business with respect

  • We will help you with the paperwork and red tape

  • We will help you leave a legacy for your children

MAEAP Recognition is:
  • Achievable. Farms have earned more than 5000 verifications across the state

  • Something to be proud of. You can be among the top 5% of farms who have earned this designation so far

Interested in MAEAP? Have Questions? 



 Megan Bertucci

906-632-9611 ext. 8053

MAEAP is free and voluntary. Everything learned about your property is 100% confidential. This is guaranteed by state law.

To become verified, producers and landowners work with the Chippewa Luce Mackinac Conservation District to complete the program in three steps:

1. Attend a MAEAP educational event
2. Complete an on-farm risk assessment and implement practices to reduce potential environmental risks
3. Verification through MDARD ensuring environmentally sound practices

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