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Forestry Assistance Program for Contractors

Consultants on this list will be notified when landowners inquire about land management projects.  Information about interested consultants will then be forwarded to the landowner.  We encourage landowners to contact all interested consultants in a timely fashion, but they may delay, change their mind, or go with another consultant.   The choice on which consultant to work with remains with the individual landowner.  Our office will follow up with the landowner to ensure they get the assistance they need.

Below is a list of resource management projects within our service area. Consultants interested in pursuing a project described below should respond by email to before the closing date.    You may include additional relevant information in your responses or as attachments.  I will forward your e-mail responses to the landowner.

Project #: 17-24-15

Date Posted: 3/28/2024

Date Closing: 4/11/2024 @ 4:30 PM

Location: T45N R2W Section 18, Chippewa County

Acres: ~17 acres

Forest Type: Hardwoods (Maple/Oak) Upland

Work Requested: Forest Management/Appraisal/Harvest

Comments: Landowner has approximately 17 acres of timber that consists of mostly maple with some oak. Trees are mature and in need of thinning. The site sits on a ridge of Pence loamy sand and stays dry all year and can be harvested in the summer. Landowner has established trails and site access for trucks.


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