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Watershed and Landscape Management 

Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac counties provide access to many lakes and rivers, including three Great Lakes and the St. Mary's River. CLMCD is dedicated to protecting and improving our waterbodies for future generations to enjoy. The best way to approach water issues is at a watershed level. A watershed, drainage, or catchment is an area of land that drains towards a body of water. Handling issues at a local level allows for concise solutions that are more likely to provide results. One organization cannot manage a watershed alone, the cooperation of local partners and landowners is necessary and instrumental in management projects.

CLMCD has been involved with many watershed management projects. These projects are funded through grants that CLMCD and partner organizations obtain through government agencies or non-profit organizations. The EPA provides guidelines for developing a watersehd management plan. This is the first step in improving our watershed. The second step is putting that plan into action. the EPA and state agencies provide funding for both development and implemtation of a watersehd plan. Past projects CLMCD was involved in include:

  • Les Cheneaux Watershed Management Plan - 2006

  • Munuscong River Watershed Management Plan - 2013

  • Waishkey River Watershed Management Plan (pending approval) - 2020

  • Munuscong River Watershed Nutrient/Manure Management Project - 2020

  • Munuscong River Watershed Support Project - 2020

  • Munuscong River Watershed Green Infrastructure and Tree/shrub Management Project - 2022

CLMD maintains a staff member dedicated to managing watershed projects. If you wish to know more about how to help improve your watershed you can contact them here (link or app)

CLMCD can provide technical assistance, education, and consulting services to guide landowners when it comes to protecting our water. Some of those programs are below:


  • Watershed Management Planning and Project Implementation

CLMCD has worked on a number of watershed plans and project implementation grants over the years. Planning grants identify areas of concern within a specific watershed and plans for its restoration. These plans are approved through the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can be used for further funding to implement projects identified within the plan that helps restore the watershed to a healthier condition. CLMCD is currently without a Watershed Technician and funding to pursue watershed protection work. We work every year to apply for funds to continue the protection of our wa​​



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