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'Watersheds in the
Eastern Upper Peninsula 

The Eastern Upper Peninsula is surrounded by Three of the five Great Lakes (Huron, Michigan, and Superior) and is connected by the St. Mary's River,  which creates the border with our friends to the north, Canada. CLMCD is involved with protecting our hundreds of miles of Great Lakes shorelines, river systems, and inland lakes through our multiple partnerships and programs. Through landscape scale conservation, CLMCD is able to provide assistance to landowners that not only improves their land, but improves and protects their neighbors. 


CLMCD can provide technical assistance, education, and consulting services to guide landowners when it comes to protecting our water. Some of those programs are below:

CLMCD is the County Enforcement Agent (CEA) for Chippewa Counties Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program. Landowners who move soil within 500 ft of a water body or disturb more than an acre of soil are subject to the permit process. Those who disturb soil out side of these limits still have a duty to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation. 

  • Watershed Management Planning and Project Implementation

CLMCD has worked on a number of watershed plans and project implementation grants over the years. Planning grants identify areas of concern within a specific watershed and plans for its restoration. These plans are approved through the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can be used for further funding to implement projects identified within the plan that helps restore the watershed to a healthier condition. CLMCD is currently without a Watershed Technician and funding to pursue watershed protection work. We work every year to apply for funds to continue the protection of our wa​​


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