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0 = None

1 = Individual/few

2 = Less than 1,000 sq. ft. (half tennis court)

3 = 1,000 sq. ft to 0.5 acre

4 = .5 acre to 1 acre (football field w/o end zones)

5 = 1 acre



1 = Sparce

2 = Patchy

3 = Dense

4 = Monoculture


Treatment Status

U = Untreated

# = Consecutive years of treatment

N = Nonconsecutive treated

D = Don't know

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Weed Management Map

Show Autumn olive Autumn olive
Show Babys breath Babys breath
Show Birdfoot trefoil Birdfoot trefoil
Show Bittersweet nightshade Bittersweet nightshade
Show Black locust Black locust
Show Bladder campion Bladder campion
Show Bull thistle Bull thistle
Show Canada thistle Canada thistle
Show Common buckthorn Common buckthorn
Show Common mullein Common mullein
Show Common St. Johnswort Common St. Johnswort
Show Common tansy Common tansy
Show Cow vetch Cow vetch
Show Crown vetch Crown vetch
Show Dames rocket Dames rocket
Show Daphne mezereum Daphne mezereum
Show Eurasion milfoil Eurasion milfoil
Show European frog bit European frog bit
Show European swamp thistle European swamp thistle
Show Flowering rush Flowering rush
Show Fullers teasel Fullers teasel
Show Garlic mustard Garlic mustard
Show Giant knotweed Giant knotweed
Show Glossy buckthorn Glossy buckthorn
Show Himalayan balsam Himalayan balsam
Show Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
Show Houndstongue Houndstongue
Show Hybrid cattail Hybrid cattail
Show Japanese barberry Japanese barberry
Show Japanese knotweed Japanese knotweed
Show Leafy spurge Leafy spurge
Show Narrowleaf cattail Narrowleaf cattail
Show Phragmites Phragmites
Show Native Phragmites Native Phragmites
Show Norway maple Norway maple
Show Purple loosestrife Purple loosestrife
Show Reed canarygrass Reed canarygrass
Show Russian olive Russian olive
Show Scots pine Scots pine
Show Smooth brome Smooth brome
Show Spotted knapweed Spotted knapweed
Show White sweet clover White sweet clover
Show Wild parsnip Wild parsnip

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This page last updated on 8/14/2012.

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