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Meet the District Forester

Dylan Parker

(906) 632 9611 X111



What is involved in an "assessment?"  When you contact the District Forester, she will ask you some questions about where the land is and how it is listed in the plat book, so she can prepare aerial imagery and soil data maps for you. She will set a date to meet on your land, or you may tell her to go on her own, if you prefer. The District Forester will ask how you use your land and what your goals are for it, as that has a bearing in how it might be managed. She will look at the general health, age, and density of the trees. She will answer questions about state and federal Forestry Assistance Programs, and provide you with a folder of useful literature and resources. If you decide you'd like to take some further steps, she can help you find qualified natural resource professionals through our referral system.

This page last updated on 10/2/2019.

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